What are kbps, Hz and bit for Audio?

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You probably use digital audio on a frequent basis, but you may not be completely clear about the way it works. Bitrate and sample rate were created to take sounds from the real world and represent them in a digital medium. Bitrate is the amount of information placed into an amount of time. A file’s sample rate is the frequency with which information is recorded in the file. Both of these affect the resolution, or quality, of the file.

Understanding Bitrate and Sample Rate
Digital media takes time as we perceive it and breaks it up into tiny measurements. These are like the ticking of a clock, and the rate of ticks is measured in hertz, or Hz.

The range of volumes that are describable is called the bitrate. When the bitrate is higher, the communication of volume is more accurate. Bitrate may be interpreted as the quality in the sound. Higher bitrates equal smoother sound.


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