SFX for Intense Cinematic Storytelling

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Titanic. Jaws. Psycho. What do these movies have in common? Incredible soundtracks—well, that and numerous Academy Award nominations. Sound can send a chill up and down our spine when mysterious creatures attack from the watery deep or help us feel the urgency in the middle of a disaster. No matter what it’s about, if you want your film to touch your audience, you need to invest in epic sound effects.

Even the most intense cinematic moments feel dry and forced without the perfect SFX. After all, what would an apocalyptic natural disaster scene be like without clapping thunder? Don’t leave your audience hanging. To get you—and your audience—in the mood, we’ve collected some of our favorite sound effects for the epic cinematic moments in your next masterpiece.


This story was originally published at https://blog.audioblocks.com/