See How Easily You Can Edit Videos to Music

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The first instinct you have when listening to piece of music you’ll be using for a video is to visualize the cuts. A smash cut here, a jump cut there, fade out at the end.

By cutting to the music, you enhance the audio-visual relationship of the project while also “hiding” the edits from the viewer — in short, a win-win.

After you grab your royalty free music from AudioBlocks, there are many ways to approach editing video to a piece of music — you can use the waveforms or scrub frame-by-frame, for example — but many of those methods can be cumbersome and time consuming. After all, some musical montages or music videos will have hundreds of cuts in only a few minutes.

So then how do you edit the video to be in sync with the music without it being some arduous task?

Well, there’s a simple trick to help you do just that.


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